Can a Lawsuit Change a School System?

August 12, 2007

In my education law classes, I normally say no. Or at least not normally. And Jim Ryan at UVA law school has written that we should be skeptical that these efforts will work. This new report suggests that maybe one has made a difference: Williams v. California, a class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of students in California’s lowest-performing schools. The report is produced by the lawyers who brought the lawsuit, so there’s plenty of potential bias. But it is worth keeping an eye on.


One Response to “Can a Lawsuit Change a School System?”

  1. public schools in south carolina are among the nation’s worst.
    just 1-in-5 have met this year’s AYP performance goals.
    and some politicians like state superintendent Jim Rex want to a big dollar lawsuit and constitutional word change to bring even more money to the $11,480 per student schools!

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