Warning from Rhee–it’s going to be about educating kids

July 27, 2007

I love that Michelle Rhee is going out and doing community meetings. According to my sources she was a big hit doing a morning reading to the kids at Oak Hill, the juvenile detention center which most DC leaders want to forget, but which Adrian Fenty, Vinnie Schiraldi and David Domenici are turning around. Rhee clearly gets that to make big change she is going to need popular support. And she’s being public about some things which are obvious, but which too few school leaders in D.C. ever admit: 1) the central office is not working well, 2) parents and teachers can no longer be treated as a nuisance by folks downtown (serving them is why the central office exists), and 3) starting now everyone downtown is going to be held accountable for educating kids. More here.


One Response to “Warning from Rhee–it’s going to be about educating kids”

  1. Mike Klonsky Says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I put it on my blogroll over at SmallTalk. Best to you and David over at SeeForever.
    Mike Klonsky

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